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March 4, 2021

Meet our Team: Katrina Lyter, Business Development

Meet our Team: Katrina Lyter, Business Development 

Next up to bat in our blog series "Meet our Team'' is Katrina Lyter, Business Development at Fieldguide. Learn about her background in audit and how she's bringing her experience as a practitioner to her role at Fieldguide.

Name: Katrina Lyter

Position: Business Development

Location: Reno, Nevada

Tell me about your role and team at Fieldguide.

My main focus is business development, which means I spend most of my time working on our go-to-market (GTM) engine, including both outbound and inbound motions. My role involves qualifying leads, prospecting for potential customers, reaching out to prospects, facilitating intro calls and product demos, and much more. In addition to a GTM hat, I also wear a marketing hat, such as creating new content. Finally, I own our back-office activities: getting bills paid, working with our accounting team to get our books closed each month, reviewing our financial statements, and putting together reporting documents when they are needed. My title is singular, but the responsibilities are broad, and it's fun to get exposure to so many aspects of running a fast-growing startup.

What’s your favorite aspect of working at Fieldguide?

My favorite aspect of working at Fieldguide is our team. Fieldguide is the smallest company I have worked at thus far in my career. I was the first full-time hire beyond our founders Jin and Chris, and it's been exciting to see the team grow since then. Our team is compact, so each team member has a diverse range of responsibilities. Everyone is accountable for their work, but also willing to jump in at a moment’s notice to deliver for customers. You need that willingness and hustle in a small organization–it allows us to act quickly when opportunities arise, while also creating new opportunities for the company. 

“Each person on the team is like a swiss army knife and can do many different things, which lends to the overall efficiency and adaptability of the team as a whole.”

What led you to Fieldguide?

I started my career in audit at Ernst & Young (EY), providing financial statement audits for private equity and hedge funds in the Los Angeles area. At EY, I was Jin’s staff auditor on several engagements. I eventually left the profession to explore new career opportunities, and reconnected with our CEO, Jin, in summer 2020. After learning more about Fieldguide from Jin and Chris, I was excited for the opportunity to join them on Fieldguide mission for increasing trust.

What excites you about the Fieldguide platform?

Oh man, so many things! Fieldguide offers what I wish were different when I was an auditor. Auditing was my first job I had out of college, but the manual and repetitive parts of my work were frustrating and difficult to sustain.

At Fieldguide, it's cool to see the frustrating parts of the workflow being automated in the product today. Instead of manually tracking client requests, we have a digitized request list that automatically creates workpaper copies where auditors do their work. By streamlining the manual work, practitioners are able to spend time in more engaging and thoughtful analysis. It’s amazing to see the tasks I found frustrating being automated by Fieldguide.

Describe Fieldguide’s culture in three words.

  1. Trusting 
  2. Collaborative
  3. Quality-focused

What has been your proudest moment at Fieldguide?

My greatest source of pride is being part of an organization that is improving and changing the most frustrating aspects of the assurance and advisory workflow. As a former practitioner, every time I see a prospective customer excited about our product and what it could do for their workflow, I can really empathize and relate to their excitement.

What does your remote workspace look like?

I have a standing desk and spend about 60% of the day standing. It has my monitor, trackpad, and keyboard on it. I’m also surrounded by plants (taking care of plants is one of my hobbies). I have a pretty big fiddle leaf fig tree that hangs out behind me, which makes its way into my Zoom background. I am also only a few steps away from my kitchen, which is convenient because I snack a lot. My favorite snack is Haribo gummy bears, but they don’t last more than a few days because I eat them quickly.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I run a lot, both for fun and for sanity. In the summer, I like to trail run and go backpacking in the Sierras because they’re beautiful and so close. Since it's winter right now, I've been snowboarding more and getting into backcountry touring and travel.

Early summer in the Sierra Nevada!

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Chris Szymansky

CTO @ Fieldguide

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