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Fieldguide: 2021 Year in Review

2021 was an exciting year for Fieldguide and our customers, who each saw double digit revenue growth and industry-first project efficiencies. Fieldguide is dedicated to the success of risk assurance and advisory practices, and we’re thrilled to recap 2021 after launching earlier this year.

In 2021:

Our product roadmap is focused on enabling success for risk and compliance practitioners. Stay tuned for our detailed Q4 product release; in the meantime, here is a high level recap of what we launched in 2021:

Major Releases:

  • Questionnaires - Simplify SOC 2 readiness  and more with easy client questionnaires
  • Engagement Templates - Create new engagements in an instant
  • Testing Workspace - A single pane of glass view to test or review a control
  • Support Users - View Fieldguide as a client anytime
  • Sampling - Automatically sample a population and create requests based on the sample
  • Archiving Utilities - Clean up and lock down completed engagements with ease
  • Custom Roles and Permissioning - Robust but simple to enable user permissioning
  • Streamlined Reporting - Generate complex reports with the click of a button


Fieldguide was featured by top industry journals immediately after launching. We are honored and humbled to be recognized by several industry awards and innovation reports.

Fieldguide Team:

We pride ourselves in attracting and building the industry’s most ambitious team of innovators. Our team is passionate about delivering mission-critical efficiencies and new, collaborative experiences for risk practitioners and their clients. We’ve 4x’d our team in 2021, and we will 4-5x our team in 2022. 


2022 will be a big year for the risk and compliance industry, and Fieldguide seeks to equip practitioners with “super suits” to meet the market’s growing demand. 

Our team will more than quadruple in 2022, with heavy investments across the entire company. We are greatly expanding research & development and customer success teams to ensure we are delivering increasing value to our customer firms. 

This includes enhancing existing functionality and releasing new and enhanced capabilities across document management, questionnaires, automated evidence collection, report generation and collaboration, and cross-framework mapping automation. Staying ahead of market needs, we will also continue to offer more risk and compliance frameworks to power all risk services at every ambitious risk assurance and advisory firm.

We'll also be investing in our go-to-market functions to meet more practitioners, partner with more thought leaders, and drive industry-relevant content. Let us know which conferences and events you’ll be at this year and we will see you there!

Fieldguide strives to redefine what it means to be the best technology company for the rapidly growing industry. We sincerely thank you for co-creating the Fieldguide movement in 2021 and can’t wait to enable more of your success in 2022!

Jin Chang

CEO @ Fieldguide

Increasing trust with modern software for assurance and advisory firms.


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