Fieldguide for SOC Readiness & Audit

Top 500 firms rely on Fieldguide to improve margins and attract more clients for their growing portfolio of SOC engagements.

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Boost margins and revenue for all SOC engagements

AI-powered SOC recommendations

Fieldguide AI quickly summarizes client documents and makes recommendations to close potential gaps with a client’s SOC controls.

Comprehensive capabilities for SOC engagements

Fieldguide provides end-to-end capabilities to manage all types of SOC engagements and complete everything needed for client success.

One-click SOC reports

One-click report generation allows team members to easily create reports based on best practice SOC templates.

Automate your SOC audits


Fieldguide transforms SOC 2 audits through modern technologies that streamline engagements, improve margins, and improve client satisfaction.

SOC 2 meets AI

Fieldguide AI reduces hours of work by automatically creating SOC 2 requests and test procedures, enabling teams to work more strategically with clients.

Real-time visibility into SOC 2 audits

Fieldguide gives teams and clients visibility into the entire lifecycle of SOC 2 audits, including the status of requests, document and testing sign offs, and reporting.

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Fieldguide helps Top 500 firms save hours of time by automating the SOC 1 engagement lifecycle, including readiness assessments, customized controls and control objectives, testing and evidence, and final audit reports.

Create a great client experience

SOC 1 audits don’t have to be painful for your clients. Fieldguide’s modern portal streamlines communication, freeing up time and reducing potential errors.

Save hours with built-in SOC 1 reports

Easily generate custom reports for each client based on predefined yet configurable SOC 1 templates, turning hours of report assembly into seconds.

SOC for Cybersecurity

Fieldguide can help your teams and clients quickly demonstrate their commitment to a robust cybersecurity risk management program and cybersecurity best practices.

Robust and flexible controls

Fieldguide provides a robust set of risk controls that firms can easily tailor to meet their own processes, as well as for specific client needs.

One-click report generation

Collaborate with team members and clients to quickly generate reports that demonstrate client’’s cybersecurity best practices.

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SOC for Supply Chain

Top 500 firms rely on Fieldguide to help clients build confidence in the operational processes and risk management practices with their suppliers, distributors, and partners.

Real-time collaboration across the supply chain

Easily and securely collaborate with any member of your client’s supply chain network on requests, documents, and reports.

Centralize documents across your network

Save hours of chasing down documentation by capturing and managing all types of documents from multiple supply chain partners.

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Quickly get clients ready for SOC examinations

SOC Controls

Fieldguide provides a library of SOC controls that firms can use to help clients with SOC readiness assessments.

High-quality SOC engagements

Firms can drive consistent and high-quality readiness assessments by providing a common library of SOC controls.

Tailored SOC controls

Firms can easily tailor SOC controls to each client, so SOC readiness assessments are more focused and pertinent to each client’s specific business needs.

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Top 500 firms rely on Fieldguide to prepare clients for SOC examinations with easy to use, transparent, and collaborative questionnaires.

Perfectly tailored  questionnaires

Quickly build highly tailored SOC scoping questionnaires that ensure each client is thoroughly prepared.

Foster client collaboration

Closely work with clients to review scoping questions, review answers and comments, and discuss potential process gaps.

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Documents and Workpapers

Fieldguide enables firms to quickly request, collect, and analyze client documents needed for thorough SOC readiness assessments.

Streamline client document submissions

Fieldguide’s automated request process eliminates the need for cumbersome email back-and-forths with clients to collect documents.

AI-powered document analysis

Leverage the power of AI to quickly determine whether client documents meet your requirements.

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Readiness Reports

Quickly generate SOC readiness reports so clients have all the information they need to prepare for their SOC examination.

Real-time report collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with team members on reports without the hassle of version control issues or outdated information.

One-click report generation

Collaborate with team members and clients to quickly generate reports that help clients understand their SOC readiness.

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“Our firm has improved realization rates by 15 - 25% thanks to Fieldguide.”

Paul Perry

Partner, Warren Averett

increase in the demand for SOC 2 engagements, driven by growing awareness of IT security challenges