Fieldguide for Regulatory Compliance

Top 500 firms use Fieldguide to help clients more easily assess compliance with a variety of governmental regulations.

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Streamline all your regulatory compliance engagements

AI-guided engagements

AI-powered recommendations can suggest improvements to client documents in order to better meet regulatory requirements.

Visibility across all engagements

Executive dashboards help team members and clients stay on top of all the requests, tasks, and milestones needed to keep work on track.

Robust readiness assessments

Client questionnaires can help better scope engagements and identify gaps between client processes and regulatory requirements.

Improve margins for regulatory compliance engagements

SOX Compliance

Fielguide’s end-to-end engagement platform makes it easier for your teams and clients to drive SOX compliance, enabling you to create a better client experience with higher engagement margins.

End-to-end SOX capabilities

Collaborate on all the things needed for a smooth SOX engagement, including client requests, tests and evidence, final reports, and signoffs.

Configurable and robust SOX controls

Tailor and automate controls to your firm’s best practices, so you can deliver a uniquely differentiated SOX offering to current and future clients.

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Make it easy for clients to assess their compliance with HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification requirements.

Collaborate with clients

Easily scope engagements with your clients based on the applicability for covered entities and business associates.

Intelligent and streamlined mapping across engagements

Cross-map requirements across various security and privacy regulations, so your team can test once and report on multiple standards.

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Streamline your engagements for all FFIEC examination handbooks with Fieldguide. Tailor our best-practices templates and workflows to help clients address all the regulations they need to keep their operations compliant.

Streamline client collaboration to address findings

Identify potential findings and collaborate with clients on corrective action plans.

Instant FFIEC report generation

Fieldguide’s one-click report generation makes it easy to get everything ready for delivery to your client's audit committee.

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Delight your clients and streamline your various NIST engagements, including NIST 800-37, NIST 800-82, and NIST 800-161.

Improve your client experience

Intelligently link common requests, documents, and test procedures across NIST frameworks, so you can simplify and streamline communication with clients.

Flexibility for NIST controls

Fieldguide’s flexible platform enables firms to select and tailor the appropriate NIST framework for each client's unique risk environment.

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Custom and pre-built frameworks

Fieldguide has pre-built templates for 30+ of the most common regulatory compliance frameworks, including CCPA, NY DFS, OFAC, UK Cyber Essentials, Germany C5, and more. Firms can also build their own templates to incorporate their best practices.

Support for any regulatory standard

Fieldguide makes it easy to build templates for any regulatory compliance standard and automate core workflows like request and document management.

One-click reporting for any document template

Fieldguide Reports make it easy to generate reports and automate the completion of any documents.

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“Software for accounting firms is notoriously outdated, slow, and hard to use. Fieldguide is different – itʼs a more streamlined, cloud-first approach.”

Kate Williams

Partner, Maxwell Locke & Ritter

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