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Top firms rely on the Fieldguide AI platform for end-to-end audit efficiency and higher quality engagements.

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Drive higher efficiency and quality with AI-powered audits

End-to-end audit efficiency

Manage every aspect of audits - from kickoff to close - in a comprehensive platform.

 AI-powered audits

Audit teams can use the latest AI technologies to be more productive and thorough.

Higher quality audits

Run audits consistently with your trusted methodologies in an intuitive modern experience.

AI-powered innovation to streamline the entire audit lifecycle

Integrated trial balance

Integrated trial balance, flexible adjustments, and AI technologies drive greater efficiency and accuracy.

Accounting integrations

Integrations to top accounting systems and AI innovations make it easy to upload and map the most complex trial balance.

Intuitive adjustments

Fieldguide’s intuitive interface makes it easy for auditors to quickly make adjustments based on audit testing.

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Trusted and customizable methodologies

Use industry-leading methodologies or your own methodology to conduct your audits.

Industry-leading methodologies

Best practice methodologies from market leaders are built in to Fieldguide, ensuring high-quality audits.

Any methodology you choose

Run your own customized methodologies and audit programs for any type of audit.

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End-to-end AI assistance

Use industry-specific AI to speed up audits, eliminate bottlenecks, and drive greater quality across all audits.

End-to-end AI

Use AI throughout the audit lifecycle, including account mapping, AI-generated client requests, and review of client documents.

AI recommendations

AI-powered recommendations can suggest audit improvements, identify potential issues, and ensure high-quality audits.

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One-click financial statements

Generate any type of financial statement for any type of client - in just a few seconds with just one click.

One-click financial statements

Easily create and generate financial statements based on best practice templates, turning hours of report work into just seconds.

Financial statement collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with team members and clients on financial statements without the hassle of version control issues or outdated information.

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Flexibility for all types of financial statement audits

Manage all types of financial statement audits on a single modern platform for both team members and clients.

Comprehensive cloud platform

A single platform with the flexibility to manage all types of financial audits, including private, government, nonprofit, and more.

Easy client collaboration

Clients from any organization or industry can leverage Fieldguide’s intuitive and modern experience to view audit requests, deliverables, tasks, and milestones.

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