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"Fieldguide AI is a step change in the CPA profession that addresses the talent pipeline challenges head-on."

Mark Koziel

President and CEO, Allinial Global

Amplify your team’s talents with Fieldguide AI

AI built for practitioners, designed for efficiency

Automate routine tasks like drafting tests and analyzing documents, allowing practitioners to focus more on client value.

Safely use the latest AI technologies

Safely harness advanced AI technologies while ensuring data privacy and security.

AI that drives engagement quality and margins

Improve engagement quality and margins, while increasing time with clients and boosting staff retention.

Amplify your team’s talents with Fieldguide AI

AI-powered requests and tests

Improve engagement quality and team efficiency through AI-suggested requests and test procedures.

Automated request and test creation

Use AI to automatically generate requests and tests to meet the standards and style of your firm.

Custom AI prompts

Build reusable, custom AI behaviors that your team members can run on demand, while adhering to your firm’s standards.

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AI Document Copilot

Be more responsive to clients by using Fieldguide's AI Document Copilot to query, analyze, and summarize client documents and workpapers.

AI document queries

Make it easy to find information, compare data, or analyze documents through a chat-based interface

AI document review and recommendations

Leverage AI to review and make potential recommendations to improve client documents.

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AI-based recommendations

Drive engagement quality by reviewing AI-based recommendations for improving client documents.

AI-powered suggestions

Review AI suggestions on how to  ensure that client documents satisfy requirements.

Create plans to close potential gaps

Automatically incorporate AI suggestions into your remediation plans for closing identified gaps.

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