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Improve your client experience with a modern way to submit and track client requests.

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“Organizing client requests was the #1 priority we were looking to better manage. A lot of follow-up requests have gone away with Fieldguide.”

Chris Ellingwood

Principal, BerryDunn

Delight your clients with automated request management

Requests that free up time

AI-generated requests and tailored templates streamline the request management process, so everyone has more time.

Loved by practitioners and clients

Fieldguide’s 5-star solution makes it easy for team members and clients to track all requests.

Integrated and streamlined request management

Fieldguide requests are integrated to all aspects of your engagement, including controls, reports, tests, and more.

Put your requests on autopilot

Fieldguide makes it as easy as possible for your clients to work with your team on requests.

AI-powered requests

Working with clients to create and follow up with requests has never been easier thanks to Fieldguide AI.

AI-powered request drafting

Use AI to intelligently draft what’s specifically needed for each control activity and test plan.

Templates tailored to your team

Save templates of your most common requests for clients and send them with one-click.

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Automated request analysis

Analyzing requests and documents has never been easier. Fieldguide enables you to leverage evidence analysis rules and automatically review client-provided files with AI, saving you hours of manual review.

AI-powered document reviews

Leverage the power of AI to quickly determine whether client documents meet requirements.

Real-time visibility for engagement quality

Staff and clients can save time by easily seeing which requests and documents pass muster.

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Integrate requests into every aspect of your engagement

Reduce errors and free up time by automatically syncing copies of client-provided files across your controls, workpapers, and reports.

Automated conversion to workpapers

Fieldguide enables you to automatically copy and rename client provided files, saving you time and effort with workpaper creation.

Sync requests and documents across engagements

Automatically sync client documents to any relevant control or engagement - in just one click.

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Intuitive portal and requests that clients will love

Fieldguide’s modern client experience for requests improves client engagement and satisfaction.

Intuitive client portal

Fieldguide provides an intuitive way for all your clients to review the latest requests and assign them to additional members of their team.

Streamlined request communication

Fieldguide’s integrated request commenting system eliminates the need for cumbersome email back-and-forths with clients.


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