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Increase margins and efficiency across your engagements.

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“Software for accounting firms is notoriously outdated, slow, and hard to use. Fieldguide is different – itʼs a more streamlined, cloud-first approach.”

Kate Williams

Risk Assurance, Maxwell Locke & Ritter

Set your firm apart with next gen engagement management

Drive visibility and insights across your engagements

Comprehensive AI-powered capabilities from readiness to audit report.

Free up time so your team can be more strategic

Easy, intuitive and modern features to streamline practitioner work.

Delight clients with an intuitive interface

First-class collaboration that transforms the client experience.

Set your firm apart with modern engagement management

Fieldguide makes it easy for your team and clients to streamline the entire engagement lifecycle.

Dashboards keep teams and clients up to date on all engagement details

Get real-time visibility into all your engagements, clients, tasks, requests, and signoffs, so everyone is on the same page.

Automated request and clear visual indicators highlight progress and outstanding workest creation

Easily see and follow up on what’s outstanding, so you maintain project deadlines and budgets.

Real-time drill downs helps teams identify potential bottlenecks

Drill down into engagement details for additional insights.

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Readiness assessments that delight your clients

Drive high-quality engagements by managing everything related to readiness assessments, including walkthrough meetings, validation, testing, and more.

Tailor your readiness assessments to your firm’s best practices

Personalize set of standard questionnaires to help with client scoping.

Collaborate in real-time with clients

View client responses and collaborate with clients to address process gaps.

Drive engagement visibility through tasks and milestones

Keep everyone on top of engagements by reviewing outstanding tasks and progress against key milestones.

Granular visibility into outstanding work

View the status of all tasks and milestones by owner and due date.

Align teams through milestones

Use milestones to ensure engagements are progressing as planned.

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AI-powered testing and evidence

Improve engagement quality and the client experience by streamlining evidence collection and automating test samples.

Automate creation of test procedures

Ensure high-quality engagements by leveraging AI to generate test procedures from control activities.

AI-powered suggestions for client evidence

Leverage AI to review client submissions and proactively make recommendations to improve test controls.

Deliver a delightful digital client experience

Fieldguide’s client portal streamlines your client experience, clearly showing where things stand and making it easy to fulfill requests in just a few clicks.

Intuitive client dashboard

Clients can easily stay on top of requests and submissions with Fieldguide’s highly intuitive client portal.

Multiple integrations to client systems

Fieldguide integrates to over a hundred different client systems, including HR, ticketing, accounting, and more.

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Flexibility for any type of engagement

Streamline any type of engagement, including risk advisory, regulatory compliance, SOC audits, and more.

Ready to use best practice templates

Leverage built–in best practices for common standards like SOC 1 & 2, PCI DSS v4.0, internal audits, and more.

Highly configurable templates for any practice

Easily tailor engagement templates to reflect your firm’s processes and workflow.