Fieldguide for Risk Advisory Services

Top 500 firms rely on Fieldguide to scale their practice and help clients comply with multiple risk and business standards.

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Grow your risk advisory practice with Fieldguide

AI-powered recommendations

Use Fieldguide AI to quickly identify potential gaps with a client’s risk controls and suggest potential improvements to improve compliance.

Comprehensive and flexible platform

Fieldguide provides a single platform with the flexibility to manage all types of risk advisory engagements - from scoping to final report.

Robust risk controls

Highly configurable risk control libraries help teams stay on top of tasks, client requests, documents, and everything else needed to manage risk engagements.

Save time with all your risk advisory engagements

Internal Audits

Top 500 firms use Fieldguide to streamline their internal audits, drive more engagements, and transform the client experience.

Flexibility for any type of internal audit

Fieldguide is a single platform with the flexibility to manage all types of internal audits.

Transform client collaboration

Improve the client experience by collaborating with clients over requests, reports, and tracking of findings with corrective action plans.

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SOX Compliance

Fielguide’s end-to-end engagement platform makes it easier for your teams and clients to drive SOX compliance, enabling you to create a better client experience with higher engagement margins.

End-to-end SOX capabilities

Collaborate on all the things needed for a smooth SOX engagement, including client requests, internal controls, testing phases, and sign offs.

Configurable and robust controls

Tailor and automate controls to your firm’s best practices, so you can deliver a uniquely differentiated SOX offering to current and future clients.

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SOC (System and Organization Controls)

Fieldguide enables firms to streamline any type of SOC engagement, including SOC 1 and 2, SOC for Cybersecurity, SOC for Supply Chain, and more. Top 500 firms have used Fieldguide to increase margins, revenue, and client satisfaction.

Risk and Control Management

Comprehensive risk control libraries allow firms to capture all the tasks, requests, and documents needed for a successful SOC engagement.

One-click report generation

Easily create and generate reports based on best practice SOC templates, turning hours of report assembly work into seconds.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Elevate your ESG engagements with Fieldguide. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for your team to audit key ESG metrics and disclose essential information to stakeholders, enhancing transparency and trust.

Collaborate on ESG engagements

From environmental initiatives to social responsibility and governance practices, Fieldguide streamlines data collection, analysis, and reporting for your ESG practice.

Seamlessly report to stakeholders

Fieldguide facilitates collaboration between firms and clients, helping you verify and report on your clients’ business practices.

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Custom and pre-built frameworks

Fieldguide has pre-built templates for 30+ of the most common risk advisory frameworks. Firms can also build their own custom templates or engage our team of former auditors to assist with building templates.

Support for any framework

Fieldguide makes it easy to build templates for any risk advisory framework and automate core workflows like request and document management.

One-click reporting for any document template

Fieldguide Reports make it easy to generate reports and automate the completion of any documents.

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“Software for accounting firms is notoriously outdated, slow, and hard to use. Fieldguide is different – itʼs a more streamlined, cloud-first approach.”

Kate Williams

Partner, Maxwell Locke & Ritter

of clients indicated that they had increased their spending for internal audits compared to the previous year