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Fieldguide Client Hub makes it easy for clients to work with your team from request to report.

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“Clients are loving Fieldguide! They say it makes way more sense, it is much easier.”

Chris Ellingwood

Principal, BerryDunn

Delight your clients with a modern client portal

Reduce the back and forth with client requests

Save hours of time for your team and clients by automating the submission and review of requests across engagements.

Provide feedback faster

Improve client responsiveness by collaborating in real-time over control libraries, documents, test procedures, and reports.

Easy integration and administration

Make it easy for clients to submit work through multiple system integrations and streamlined user management.

Deliver an engagement experience that clients will love

Clients rate Fieldguide 10 out of 10 for the easy way they can work with audit and advisory firms

Engagement dashboard tailored just for clients

Clients get real-time visibility into outstanding tasks and requests needed to keep engagements on track.

Graphical indicators highlight what’s outstanding

Easily see and follow up on what’s outstanding, so you keep engagements on track.

Delegate requests and tasks to the right person

Get the right person on the client team to follow up with tasks and requests.

Streamline client requests

Fieldguide’s integrated request management eliminates the need for cumbersome email back-and-forths with clients.

Sync requests and documents across engagements

Reduce client frustration by automatically syncing documents to any relevant control or engagement - in just one click.

Streamline document submissions through out-of-the-box integrations

Streamline client onboarding with easy integrations to systems like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.

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Real-time client collaboration

Fieldguide improves client responsiveness and reduces potential errors by enabling real-time collaboration on documents, reports, and more.\

Efficiently update and mark up documents

Streamline collaboration across your team members and clients by editing Office and PDF documents without a single download.

Easily collaborate with clients on reports

Enable clients to easily comment on different parts of a report, while automatically incorporating their latest feedback.

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An engagement platform built with clients in mind

Fieldguide’s engagement platform makes it easy for clients to streamline enterprise integrations and user management.

Support multiple integrations to client systems

Fieldguide integrates to over a hundred different client systems, including HR, ticketing, accounting, and more.

User management made easy

Give clients the ability to invite as many team members as they want, with the appropriate privileges they need.

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