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CTO Note: Introducing Fieldguide AI

We’re thrilled to announce Fieldguide AI – a set of AI capabilities purpose-built for Advisory Services practitioners!

Fieldguide AI is a practitioner-centric AI, designed to enhance and automate the services you offer your clients. It brings the magic of AI to the keyboards of your team members as they write test plans, analyze evidence, and collaborate with clients. Fieldguide AI performs routine tasks, similar to a junior associate, in order to elevate and empower your team to engage more frequently with clients and think critically about your client’s risks.

Fieldguide AI can be used to Draft, Analyze, and Coach:

  • Draft: Fieldguide AI can suggest drafts of tests, controls, cross-mappings, requests, and policies. It generates smart suggestions, allowing practitioners to review and customize before using. This saves valuable time and ensures accuracy while leveraging AI's capabilities to streamline the process.
  • Analyze: Fieldguide AI reviews the quality and suitability of evidence against controls. With Fieldguide AI as an assistant, practitioners can assess engagement elements more efficiently and effectively.
  • Coach: Fieldguide AI acts as a knowledgeable companion, offering valuable insights and suggestions regarding firm methodologies, audit guidance, and task optimization. It helps practitioners leverage their expertise and boosts overall productivity.

Fieldguide AI is built using industry guidelines, but can also be tailored to your firm’s unique methodologies and risk assurance strategies. We believe practitioner-centric AI ought to amplify a firm’s unique strengths and strategies, so we give firms the ability to introduce custom AI prompts and actions for their teams to leverage.

As an enterprise-grade platform, safeguarding your data is a top priority. We take the security and privacy of your information seriously. Fieldguide does not use user-submitted content to train or improve its AI models. Our data privacy practices and deep integration with your firm workflows makes Fieldguide AI the ideal solution for firms seeking a safe way to leverage the power of AI.

Fieldguide aims to be your firm’s trusted partner, equipping you with the tools and expertise that enable you to leverage major advances in AI. Increased engagement quality, improved margins, and higher staff retention are shared goals that we work with you to achieve. The path to the future success of your firm starts today, and Fieldguide is dedicated to making your firm’s journey a success!

Chris Szymansky

CTO @ Fieldguide


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