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Case Study —

Warren Averett

Warren Averett brings real-time collaboration to remote engagements

Warren Averett

Immediate 15-25% increases in realization

For nearly 50 years, Warren Averett (WA) has helped clients thrive by offering clients a progressive sounding board and solution-based ideas. The 800+ employee firm prioritizes integrity, solid relationships, client focus, and a team mindset.

In recent years, the firm saw increased demand for risk and controls projects that help clients comply with cybersecurity frameworks such as SOC 2 and NIST CSF. To meet this demand, Security, Risk and Controls practice leader, Paul Perry, sought a solution to optimize workload efficiency, eliminate manual processes, and minimize non-value-add activities.

The Challenge

For years, WA’s Security, Risk and Controls practice (the Team) utilized a combination of email, a document manager, and Microsoft Word and Excel. The team received and processed client information, tested using the Microsoft Office Suite, and finally copied and pasted results into a single report. Manual report assembly required dozens of hours spent managing changes across documents and systems.

To compound this challenge, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new reality of remote working. Accustomed to working together in close physical proximity and constant conversation, the Team needed a way to replicate their real-time collaboration practices digitally.

The Solution 

When evaluating Fieldguide, the Team was immediately attracted to its robust reporting capabilities. Instead of copying and pasting between documents, Fieldguide automatically generated reports that were always synchronized, even when underlying data changed. Beyond reporting automation, Fieldguide's flexibility meant WA could serve all client needs, regardless of compliance program maturity.

Fieldguide also eased the transition to remote work by enabling real-time collaboration through a digital workspace. Paul can review his team's ongoing engagements and address questions in a central source of truth.

“Fieldguide helps us feel like we’re next to each other in the office, despite not being physically next to each other."

The Results

With Fieldguide, Warren Averett's Security, Risk and Controls practice has increased engagement realization by 15-25% with automated report generation and real-time control matrix collaboration.

These efficiencies have allowed the practice to focus on helping clients thrive in hitting their compliance goals. As the Team looks ahead to the future, they envision Fieldguide powering other assurance and advisory services at Warren Averett.

Learn more about the services Warren Averett provides to clients at www.warrenaverett.com.

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