October 27, 2023

1:00 pm


Webinar: Unlock AI to Shape Your Firm of the Future

Join us for our industry webinar series to hear from leaders at IPA Top 500 Firms, where we will share best practices to drive margins, team productivity, and revenue growth.

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Leaders at audit and advisory firms face challenges with hiring and retention, downward pricing pressures, and the unknown impact of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this webinar series, executives at Top 500 firms will share their unique strategies and best practices to overcome these challenges, enabling them to grow their business, differentiate their firm, and improve the client experience.

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Meet our hosts and speakers

Mark Koziel

President and CEO, Allinial Global

Mark Koziel

As the President and CEO of Allinial Global, Mark Koziel works with many Top 500 accounting firms to discuss best practices and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence. In this webinar, he will be joined by Fieldguide's CEO, Jin Chang, and Josh Tong, Fieldguide's Head of Product, to share best practices that they are seeing with AI in the advisory and audit industry. These three industry experts will discuss what they have heard from accounting leaders on how AI is impacting firms of all sizes, potential opportunities and challenges with AI, and current and future uses with modern AI technologies.

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