March 28, 2024

10:00 am


Webinar: Focus on Quality: A Renewed Approach to SOC 2

Join Shelby Nelson & Austin Miller of Frazier & Deeter's Advisory practice as they explore how to best approach updated SOC 2 guidance.

This webinar "Focus on Quality: A Renewed Approach to SOC 2 Exams for Today’s Service Organizations" will delve into updated SOC 2 Guidance and its impact on historical vs. clarified approaches to SOC 2 examinations, Frazier & Deeter’s use of innovative technologies to drive examination efficiencies, and how focusing on quality results in positive client impacts.

This webinar is essential for practitioners seeking to enhance their vigilance in understanding AICPA Guidance, reviewing scope/controls, and refining test procedures/results to enable informed, risk-based decision-making for today’s service organizations.

Why attend?

  • Understand key impacts of updated SOC 2 Guidance
  • Learn how to better evaluate scope and control activities
  • Leverage critical thinking when considering the adequacy of test procedures and documentation of results
  • Understand opportunities to leverage technologies to streamline engagements
  • Be better equipped to assess risks, support quality control requirements, and facilitate due diligence


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Meet our hosts and speakers

Shelby Nelson

Partner of Process, Risk and Governance Practice

Shelby Nelson

As a Partner in the Frazier & Deeter Process, Risk, Governance (PRG) Practice, Shelby Nelson contributes nearly 20 years of diverse experience in external and internal audit, as well as project and operational risk management. Her responsibilities include the successful creation, execution, implementation, optimization and testing of operational and IT controls, as well as specialization in SOC consulting, lecturing and reporting.

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