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Fieldguide Product Release Q4 2021: High Impact Features, Usability & Performance

Welcome to the Fieldguide Product Release for Q4 2021! This past quarter, we focused on high impact features, usability improvements, and faster performance, designed to help you meet the needs of your firm and clients. 

Included in the Q4 2021 Product Release are the following features and updates:

  • Newly Added Frameworks - Make Fieldguide the platform powering your entire risk practice, thanks to 12 of the most common frameworks all pre-built for you, or customize your own
  • Questionnaires - Lead clients through Readiness and collect client information through an easy-to-use wizard
  • Report Formatting - More detailed formatting improvements help ensure your reports look perfect 
  • Sampling - Create and edit multiple samples from a population
  • Authentication Improvements - You can now allow users to self-enable MFA or choose to require it for all users
  • Performance Improvements - Load documents and import sheets even faster than before
  • UI / UX Updates - Cleaner and more intuitive interface and navigation options

High Impact Features

Newly Added Frameworks

Fieldguide powers entire risk practices, and we continue to add in-demand frameworks to make it easy to perform any engagement on Fieldguide.  Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), Microsoft SSPA, SOC for Cyber, SOC for Supply Chain, NIST 800-53, OF-DSS, and FFIEC have been added to Fieldguide as standard frameworks. We always welcome requests for any additional frameworks your firm may need.


In the first of several planned releases, we’ve provided a pre-built SOC 2 Readiness Questionnaire. Using the questionnaire, a client can answer simple questions in plain language that triggers prompts for additional information or suggests appropriate controls.  You’ll then be able to review not only their controls, but the responses the client provided in their questionnaire.  Stay tuned for additional capabilities! 

Report Formatting

As the key deliverable provided to your client, we know that it’s important for your reports to be perfect. Generating the perfect report should be a breeze in Fieldguide. Our latest round of reporting-related updates allow you to further refine your report templates for an even more streamlined experience.  Use Image Form Fields to upload logos, diagrams, and other images that will appear in your generated reports.  Use Form Field tags in headers, footers, and table headings. Tables in Form Fields will now automatically span margin to margin in generated reports and align the text per your specifications. 


We’ve taken a flagship feature and made it even better! When sampling a population, you may need to take multiple samples of that same population or edit an existing sample selection. Both capabilities are now available when sampling within a Fieldguide Sheet. Additionally, you can now also tie a sample to a request that already exists.

Authentication Improvements

When creating Companies in Fieldguide, you can now require that all new users utilize MFA. You also have the option per user to require MFA for a more granular approach, if needed.  As your clients are invited to Fieldguide and create accounts, they will be prompted to enable MFA.

Performance and Usability

Performance Improvements

Not only did Q4 bring highly requested features, but we also focused on performance improvements to keep Fieldguide running smoothly. Several improvements were made to speed up document previewing, improve sampling for large populations, and improve Sheet importing speed.

UI / UX 

We made noticeable updates to the user interface and user experience in important areas of Fieldguide.  The Fieldguide toolbar was simplified to place the most used screens front and center. Our document screens were also updated to contain clearer and more consistent iconography and layouts.

Bulk actions for Sheet rows, Requests, and Controls have been overhauled, resulting in less cluttered menus and a more robust and easy to navigate bulk editing experience. 

If you'd like to learn more about these features and updates, reach out to your account team or request a demo.

Nick Amoscato

Staff Software Engineer

Nick Amoscato is a software engineer, designer, and musician based in Pittsburgh, PA.


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