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Holbrook & Manter

Holbrook & Manter delivers efficient engagements

Holbrook & Manter

35-50% hours saved on every engagement

Holbrook & Manter (H&M)’s mission is to help companies grow by delivering thoughtful, personalized service. The Columbus, Ohio-based firm believes that “problem-solving people” are true drivers of long-term success.

In an environment with increased awareness of cybersecurity threats, the demand for H&M’s risk advisory practice is growing rapidly. To address this growth, Pete Rife, Director of Technology Risk Advisory, knew his practice needed a new, integrated solution to manage their engagements and deliver more profitably.

The Challenge

Before Fieldguide, the Technology Risk Advisory practice struggled with off-the-shelf solutions from legacy audit engagement software vendors. These platforms lacked the flexibility to serve the team’s qualitative, controls-focused, and risk-based engagements.

Since client documents were shared across disparate tools, such as email, document management portals, and Sharepoint, the team struggled to communicate effectively with clients, gain visibility in statuses, and keep track of requests.  

Version control was also nearly impossible. If any underlying data was modified, all changes needed to be manually updated across all data sources. 

The Solution

Upon evaluating Fieldguide, Pete discovered that the solution was aligned around the same pain points his team was trying to solve. The workflows are purpose-built for risk and compliance from day one.

With a single point of truth across engagements, all audit workflow steps are now integrated across one platform. No longer is there a need to download a single document or artifact or upload a single request file or checklist. Instead of managing a separate document request solution along with an engagement binder, the team can easily track files and their versions in the context they are needed.

“I don’t want disparate points of truth across an engagement... it just all needs to happen in one place. With Fieldguide, all information is in one place, providing a single point of truth for the engagement. Information is consistent at every step."

The Results 

With Fieldguide, Pete and the Technology Risk Advisory team have saved significant time per engagement and improved client satisfaction. Instead of manually updating data throughout the engagement, all data is now automatically up-to-date and consistent across the platform. When providing status updates for each engagement, he now has visibility into the progress with dashboards at his fingertips. As a result, Holbrook & Manter’s teams are already saving 35-50% in hours per engagement.

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